Augusto’s Story


Augusto was born in a small town in southern Brazil. Today, the young engineer coordinates complex development projects for battery-powered tools between Asia and Germany.

When Augusto comes to Waiblingen, Germany once a month, a lot feels surprisingly familiar to him: the comparably chilly weather, the size of the city, the way people at STIHL think. It all reminds him of his hometown near the Argentinian border. Augusto is not your stereotypical Brazilian. He sees himself as a mathematically rational physicist who loves solving problems – the more complex, the better. He has found plenty of that sort of challenge at STIHL.

“On my first day, a friendly coach was waiting for me and spent eight hours helping me understand STIHL and my role here. That sign of appreciation was great for me. Then there were two months of preparation for my tasks in Asia: Some days I felt totally overwhelmed by it all.” Augusto’s boss sent the ambitious engineer to China after only two months: “The preparation phase was originally supposed to last six months, but he could see that I was ready.” This level of trust in him and his capabilities is very important to Augusto.

“I really like the way the management at STIHL sees itself. The managers here don't just strive to be the best engineers – instead, they aim to assist as mentors, strategists and as points of contact who have a vision and an eye to the future. That gives the employees the freedom they need.”

Augusto accompanies the development and production process of new battery-powered tools in Asian production sites for STIHL. He thoroughly enjoys the relevance of his task: The double-digit growth rate in the battery-powered segment, the optimistic feeling that many things will happen here in the coming years and the high visibility and importance of the products fascinate him.

“In my last company, I was considered someone who would eventually be part of the top management level. But it was clear to me that the future is not in classic machinery building. Here at STIHL, I feel like I am right on the pulse of time, at the right place. The machines have disappeared into some factory, the STIHL products I work on can be seen everywhere and are highly successful. That makes me really happy.”

Augusto’s father was a ship’s engineer in Brazil. The industry was declining, so his father started his own business with various ideas. Pezzini Senior founded a total of 17 companies – and shut them down again. That also led his son to “grow a thick skin,” which often helps in his current position. “The colleagues here in Germany welcomed me with open arms. Many of them became my friends after a short period of time. But in Asia, I am a 'controller' at a partner company. That calls for strong nerves and good ideas.”

Augusto’s favorite is the hedge trimmer HSA 45. He was a fan of this tool the first time he got his hands on it. And he’s fascinated by the tiny planetary motor inside. “You think, 'There’s no way that can work,' but it works perfectly. Perfectly. I love that.”

Augusto is currently overseeing the launch of five new products at the same time. That takes a great deal of concentration on site, a lot of traveling between Germany and Asia, and perfect coordination with the colleagues in the development department in Waiblingen. Augusto likes coming into the new development building. “You’ll find only the best equipment for the employees here. The stuff technicians dream of – and great for scientific work. Everything, down to the coffee machine, is at the highest level. I really like that spirit: Only the best for the employees.” He also saw this spirit in the hiring process. He had to come in for a number of interviews before he finally beat out the other candidates. “The appreciation for employees that is evident in the selection process and the equipment is key for me. That’s the only way to maintain the extremely high level.”

Augusto can picture his future at STIHL. Maybe in his home country of Brazil, but definitely in an area that’s on the pulse of time. The ambitious engineer has big plans as a technical diplomat.

“The way STIHL makes the most out of batteries is incredible. In terms of electricity consumption, safety and device/battery coordination, the developers at STIHL are way ahead of the game. I hadn’t expected that. And there are constantly new ideas and improvements.”